Plan Your Journey

4 Mason Road, Norwich, NR6 6RF

City bus: 11am and 5pm services

9:55/3:55 Bishops Bridge

10:00/4:00 One Stop Shop, Quebec Road

10:05/4:05 Newbigin Close (corner)

10:15/4:15 Hebron House

10:25/10:25 Brenda James Close

10:35/4:35 Open Academy, Heartsease

10:40/4:40 Chartwell Road Fire Station


UEA bus: 11am and 5pm services

10:00/4:00 Congregation Hall, UEA

10:10/4:10 Hurn Chemist, Unthank Road

10:20/4:20 YMCA

10:25/4:25 Highwater House

10:30/4:30 Premier Inn, Duke Street

10:35/4:35 Wensum Park, Drayton Road 


All return buses leave around 15 minutes after the end of the service.

If you have any questions about the bus times and pick up points, please call Alma on 07789 965 481.