Global Initiatives


Vision Rescue, India

Our giving to Vision Rescue helps feed over 500 street children, providing non-formal education, medical and dental help, skills training and assistance to the addicted and abused street children. Outreach teams also offer counselling, love and hope to those who are marginalised, trafficked, and suffer from substance abuse.




Nehemiah Trust, Pakistan

Our giving furthers the work of the Nehemiah Trust to help improve the quality of life, health, and future for the poor. Vulnerable children, orphans, widows, disaster victims and those facing persecution are supported with shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and education.




Philippine Outreach Centre, Philippines

We support the Philippines Outreach Centre which helps prisoners and their families. When inmates serve their sentence, the POC’s children’s home offers shelter, food, education, and the love of God to their children who are otherwise left to neglect and abuse. The POC also run a Christian academy for young people and operate a prison ministry sharing the hope of Jesus, as well as overseeing four churches that disciple ex-prisoners.




International Christian Embassy Jerusalem, Israel

We support the ongoing work of ICEJ’s to build relationships, foster reconciliation, and share God’s love through humanitarian projects that respond to the many areas of personal social need. These include: social assistance, food for families that struggle below the poverty line, health and education for orphans, children and youth-at-risk, and comfort and healing for those traumatised by the effects of wars.




Tembaletu, South Africa

Our giving to Tembaletu, a school in the township Gugulethu, Cape Town, is able to further its life-changing educational programmes for physically disabled children. Children are resourced with books, equipment and new technology. Through the love and compassion of staff, they are shown dignity and love. 




Compassion, Togo

We support Compassion to link people in our church family with children living in poverty. Each sponsor gives their child access to education, health checks and the care of a local church-based Compassion project. There’s no quick fix to global poverty but with these programmes, children’s lives are being changed, impacting families and the wider community. 






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