SOUL College

SOUL College offers a range of Bible-based courses that provide you with a deeper revelation of who God is, and equip you to move your life forward in a closer and more intimate relationship with Jesus. The courses run term-time on Wednesday evenings so you can effectively study the Bible part-time.


Why do you believe what you believe? This is one of the most fundamental questions to ask yourself as a Christian in today’s world. This course covers a range of theological challenges and issues that are relevant and vitally important to Christian’s now: the Trinity, sin, the cross, sanctification and much, much more! Do you want to develop your study of the Bible in a thoughtful way? Do you have questions you can’t answer? Do you want to better understand the mission of the church? If you want to know how to develop your personal theology and strengthen your understanding of the Bible, then this is the course for you!

Sign up here for the 12 week course and explore your personal theology in more depth. Sessions run from 7-9pm on Wednesdays during term time, starting 11 April. The course costs £75 per person, with a £10 discount for SOUL church family. 

Biblical Leadership

Every Christian is called to be a leader, since every Christian is called to influence someone. The sign of a great leader is someone who develops the leaders around them. Leadership isn’t a destination to reach – it’s a journey, so this is the course where you get to continue your journey. We’ll focus on:

  • An introduction to leadership and vision for it
  • A healthy church and what we can learn from the early church
  • The house of God: the temple, the tabernacle, Jesus; and the role of leadership in a spirit-filled church
  • Recognising and using spiritual gifts
  • Biblical foundation for leadership and how God raises and develops leaders
  • The role of leadership and my role in church
  • Servant leadership: belonging and contributing

Sign up here for this seven week course to grow you as a leader of leaders and establish your Godly leadership within your sphere of influence. It runs from 7-9pm on Wednesdays during term time, starting 11 April and costs £50 per person, with a £10 discount for SOUL church family.