Better Together

“The HILLSONG FAMILY is a group of like-spirited, forward thinking, kingdom-building visionaries and ministries working together for a greater cause. The Hillsong Family exists to develop and strengthen one another – a family relationship in which to find wisdom and encouragement, spiritual accountability and support as each church continues to build the church and ministry that God has uniquely called them to do.”

It is such an honour that our church has been given the opportunity to be one of a small number of global churches who are a part of the Hillsong Family. We are currently one of only two Hillsong Family churches in the UK and we are so expectant about our future, as we embrace our city and nation with the love, hope and goodness of a compassionate and faithful God. The word of God is clear that there is so much blessing in unity. We are better together and are excited to see not only our church but THE church globally strengthen as we move forwards together in unity, love and a common vision with Hillsong Church.

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