Our Heart for the House

We named 2017 the ‘year of breakthrough’ and this is evident in the story of SOUL Church so far. We couldn’t have dreamt of what God has done over the three years since we launched. We are forever grateful to our Heavenly Father for his favour and blessings and our church family for their generosity in enabling us to come this far.

What we love about our Heart for the House is that it enables us all to move forward. Jesus said “I will build my church” and there’s something very special about watching the church take new ground. Our Heart for the House enables us to see lives changed eternally as people are given the invitation to come into an environment where they hear a message of grace and love.

As we carefully consider our part in this year’s annual miracle offering, let’s remind ourselves that Heart for the House is never about equal giving, rather equal sacrifice. We believe that we can all do something to contribute and to be a part of the miracle that will take place at our Heart for the House on 29 October.

As a church we are always going to stretch ourselves by stepping out into the unknown, as we know God is prompting us to do. 

We love you.

Pastors Jon & Chantel Norman




Ways to give

  • At church on Heart for the House, Sunday 29 October. Use the envelope on your seat or visit the Giving point in the atrium.
  • Online – click here and choose ‘Heart for the House’ from the drop down menu.


If you’re a UK taxpayer, please remember to register for Gift Aid. Gift Aid allows us to reclaim basic rate tax paid on donations made by UK taxpayers. If you donate £200 and make a Gift Aid Declaration, your overall contribution will be £250.